Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Two swans a-singing

This holiday season, would you rather see Swan Song or Swan Song?


When I saw a poster for a movie starring Udo Kier called Swan Song at the cinema the other night, I thought to myself "Didn't I see a trailer for that, and didn't Mahershala Ali star in it? And didn't it look totally different?"


As happens sometimes -- as with the two versions of Lamb that came out in 2015 (never mind the one that came out this year) -- there are two identically named movies called Swan Song opening within the next few weeks in Australia. Having them come out in the same year is weird enough; having them come out in the same week is far weirder.

Benjamin Cleary's Swan Song is the one with Ali, which is a science fiction film about human cloning. It debuts on AppleTV+ on December 17th.

Todd Stephens' Swan Song is the one with Kier, which is about a hairdresser styling his client's hair for a funeral. It opens at Melbourne's Cinema Nova on Christmas Day.

Although I do love me some Udo Kier, the one with Ali has more of a natural appeal to me in terms of subject matter. It's also more readily available without a specific excursion to the cinema, which is tricky at this time of year, especially with the theaters about to burst forth with juicy films (a subject for another post). 

But lo and behold! Kier's Swan Song is already available for rental from U.S. iTunes, meaning the coincidence of their release dates is only an Australian thing.

I feel a Swan Song double feature coming on.

Except it's comical to imagine getting through even one movie in a night these days, let alone two. Last night I ended up finishing the movie I was watching between 2:15 and 2:45 after sleeping on the couch for a good three hours. And it was only one hour and forty minutes. And I only had one egg nog spiked with brandy. 

This time of year -- especially when you factor in moving houses -- is exhausting.

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