Saturday, June 15, 2024

The interminable wait for Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2 opened Thursday here in Australia, yesterday in the U.S.

And yet it may be many weeks before I see the sequel to my #1 movie of 2015.

Why is this, you ask?

Well, I had the opportunity to see it as long ago as Tuesday, when I could have gone to an advanced screening that was Admit 2. But it was in the evening hours after work, and the same night that my older son has basketball practice. This is relevant because, in what qualifies as the biggest surprise of the year related to him, he actually wants to see this movie. I may have mentioned this in a recent post.

The most salient reason for my skipping it, though, is that one of my critics at ReelGood has been super keen to get to a free screening, only I'd been failing to check my email and let a lot of them go by the wayside. This one I caught at the perfect time, and he was only too eager to snap it up. Having written about 95% of the reviews on my site in the past eight months, I was only too eager to let him.

Besides, I figured I'd be watching it this weekend anyway, and I'd just have to get through reading his review without having too much spoiled for me to reach my goal. I mean, I figured it wouldn't be a great follow-up to Inside Out, a probable cash grab for Pixar, but if there was any chance it was in the same range of quality as its predecessor, this was a movie I needed to see ASAP, to shake up what has been a pretty average year so far.

Well, I appear to have figured wrong.

When I broached with my wife the idea of going to see Inside Out 2 this weekend, using my older son's surprise interest as a way into the topic (my younger son's interest is taken for granted), she suggested that it might be a good thing to save for school holidays.

Which don't begin for another two weeks.

Now, since I've already posted a review on my site by another writer, waiting to watch this movie is something I can, actually, do. If I were the one reviewing it, it would be a different story. Oh, we could have just let the movie go unreviewed, but I can't remember the last Pixar movie that has not gotten a review on our site -- it would have been before I started in 2014. Not about to start ignoring Pixar films now.

But being able to wait to see Inside Out 2 and being willing to wait to see Inside Out 2 are two different things.

Besides, I'm starting to get an idea what people think of this movie, and it's quite a lot. My critic, who can be a bit of a curmudgeon about the mainstream, gave it a healthy (by his standards) 7 out of 10. The IMDB average user rating, I saw just now, is even stronger at 8.0 -- and that's huge as it represents the accumulation of a lot more opinions.

But the one that really hyped me up came just this afternoon, when the father of my younger son's friend came by to pick up a piece of furniture we're giving them. This guy may not be super discerning, but when we asked how he liked it, he said on a scale of 1 to 10 it was an 11. He described it as "so beautiful," and this is a fairly tough guy who used to be a top-rated soccer player when he was younger.

Yeah, I think I'm going to like this movie.

And if my wife takes pity on me, maybe we'll see it tomorrow after all. 

I mean, my Celtics did just miss their chance to sweep the Dallas Mavericks by getting blown out by 38 points, down from a 48-point deficit, which was the largest in the NBA Finals in the past 50 years. I need a little pitying.

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