Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Gerard Butler looks like somebody's scared grandfather

It's now been two weeks since I've been out to the movies, and since I haven't found much of interest on the streamers either, it's been eight days since I posted a review to ReelGood. That'll probably change in the next few days as I try to make it out to see Top Gun: Maverick.

As I was checking showtimes, I found this action craptacular playing in local cinemas. (Sorry, I should not make snap judgments ... ha.)

Is it just me, or does Gerard Butler look like ... well, you've read the title of this post.

Butler is only 52, which is plenty old to be a grandfather, but a lot younger than some other actors who still make credible appearances in action movies. He's not even married, so if he is a grandfather, it would be of the illegitimate persuasion.

This, then, must just be a really unflattering photo.

The sunken eyes, the gaunt and elderly cheek bones and jaw ... he looks more like someone who is making a break from the nursing home, his pockets filled with individually wrapped biscuits, than a man who will "stop at nothing to get her back" -- which describes just about every action movie ever made where somebody's wife or daughter is kidnapped. 

I was hoping to get a quick peek to see if that's the plot of this particular movie, but Last Seen Alive does not even have its own Wikipedia page yet. The film is listed on Butler's filmography, but it has no link. It's rather a miracle, I'd think, that it is even playing in cinemas, seeing as how a straight-to-Redbox fate seems far more likely.

Go after her, Grandpa. And let's hope, in your frail and haunted condition, this is not the last time we see you alive. 

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