Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A confession: Up until a few minutes ago, I thought the "lubber" part of "landlubber" was a derivation of the word "lover." Therefore, a "landlubber" would literally be a "land lover," a person whose fear of the sea is so intense, it can only be described in terms of his love of the sea's opposite.

Not the case:

lubber: a big, clumsy, stupid person; lout.

So using this term to describe diminutive Jesse Eisenberg is even less appropriate than I originally thought. But at least I didn't call this post "Land lover" -- which would have been intended to remind you of "landlubber," even though the two are not related, and "land lover" itself does not actually mean anything.

Enough of all that.

The point is -- and it feels very belabored -- that Jesse Eisenberg seems to love land, if his last two film titles are any indication: Adventureland back in April, and now Zombieland this coming Friday.

If he does indeed hate the ocean, could it be because he's still scarred from watching the central epic battled in The Squid and the Whale?

(Someone give me a rim shot.)

I wasn't a particular "lubber" of Adventureland, but I sure as hell am looking forward to Zombieland. Not only does it look like they got the black comedy tone just right, but it also features Emma Stone, whom I've praised in this blog previously.

This Sunday afternoon, anyone?

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