Saturday, May 29, 2010

[Insert Prince of Persia post here]

I don't have much to say about Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

So instead I thought it would be funny to tease myself about my enslavement to commenting on new releases every Friday, even though I obviously haven't seen them yet. It's become an unofficial secondary feature on my blog, in addition to my Second Chances series.

In fact, the last time I didn't write about a new release on a Friday was December. I excuse myself Christmas Day and New Year's Day, not only because they were holidays, but also, because I was in Australia. But two weeks before that I failed to talk about any of the December 11th releases, opting instead to discuss the difference between Steve Oedekerk and Bob Odenkirk (fascinating stuff).

I don't know, I can't help myself. It keeps me current, even if I don't plan to see many of these movies in the theater. And what better time than a film's release to write a "think piece" about the issues it raises/cinematic trends it exemplifies, even if this will necessarily be abstract and require certain assumptions about it? Besides, it's your last opportunity to theorize about whether a film will be good or not. After that, the critical consensus on it is a matter of public record.

But I figured I'd at least include a couple random, disconnected thoughts about Prince of Persia -- as opposed to my usual brilliant theses -- just so this post has some kind of meat to it:

1) When I first heard about Prince of Persia last year, I was pretty excited for it. That's a part of the world and a time in history that we don't see portrayed too often on film -- in fact, maybe not since Aladdin, and that was animated. I was really looking forward to the ornate production design, and indeed, that looks to be one of the film's primary selling points.

2) When I learned it was based on a video game, I lost some of that enthusiasm.

3) I am a heterosexual male, happily married, with a child on the way. But dammit if Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't look exceptionally hot in this film. (And as a side note, even though I spelled Gyllenhaal correctly on the first try, I still have to look it up every time to be sure.)

4) A dagger that turns back time?

5) It's Memorial Day weekend, and I have yet to see a single one of the big summer releases. (Of which I consider there to be approximately four: Iron Man 2, Robin Hood, Shrek 4 and MacGruber.) Prince of Persia might be the film to pop my cherry on this particular summer, even though it will probably be stupid. In fact, I thought there was a decent chance I'd go after work today. We are often let out early on the day before a holiday weekend, and I have a sporadically observed tradition of kicking off three-day weekends with a movie after work. But it probably won't happen, because a) my boss tends to be absent-minded about remembering to let us go early, and none of us wants to bring it up, and b) I can't risk encroaching on Game 6 between my Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic, which starts at 5:30 my time.

Have a great first weekend of summer, everyone. Have a hamburger and a beer (or six). And enjoy Prince of Persia if you end up going.


April Skye said...

Haha, thesis or not, I found this post to be quite entertaining. You're right about point 1, thats what crossed my mind when I first read about the film being made last year. I too had dampened spirits once a friend informed me it was based upon a video game. Do i need to be familiar with it to grasp it's symbolism and story? I simply didn't care enough to find out.
But, tonight my brother is taking me along to watch it. I'm not sure if Im going to enjoy it. But he's shouting. So its a win either way.
Did you end up seeing it?

April Skye xx

Vancetastic said...

Thanks April. No, I didn't see it yet. The weekend's filling up, so I probably won't see it (or anything in the theater) this weekend.

I assume you will post about it on your site?