Monday, October 10, 2011

Three Paul Night

Sometimes, observations made on a movie blog are deep and profound, causing you to reconsider your core ideas about cinema.

And sometimes, they are like today's post.

You know, like me noticing that I watched three straight movies this weekend where one of the main characters was named Paul.

I'd say I was going for a theme, but that would be silly. (Not so silly that I wouldn't do it -- but I don't happen to be doing it this time.)

It all started when I went to see The Ides of March Saturday afternoon/early evening. Ryan Gosling's boss, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, is named Paul. Paul Zara, in fact. (And while you're at it, Paul Giamatti also appears in the film.)

Then, on the way home, I rented Greg Mottola's Paul. Which I have already seen, mind you. Less than six weeks ago, in fact. That tells you something about what I think of this film. But my wife hadn't seen it, and I knew it would strike the proper chord for our Saturday evening. It's the alien (Seth Rogen) whose name is Paul, as you may already know.

After Paul, I watched The Curse of Frankenstein. (Finishing this morning, I should say.) Dr. Frankenstein's mentor is named Paul. Paul Krempe, in fact. Played by Robert Urquhart.

That's all for today.

Or maybe I should say, that's paul for today.

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