Saturday, January 28, 2012

Go back to 2003, Phone Booth

I didn't like you then, either.


Mike Lippert said...

Having read the script for this movie I can assure you it's nothing like Phone Booth but it's also a hell of a lot less than Phone Booth as well, which, since you didn't like, is pretty dismal.

Vancetastic said...

I hope it goes without saying that when I make a post like this, I'm a) going on very limited first impressions of the movie, and b) being intentionally dismissive for the purposes of humor. The very nature about making jokes is that you are setting aside the inherent complexity of any issue to make light of one particular aspect of it.

Having said that, the things I found similar (at first glance) to Phone Booth were:

1) Protagonist alone in a tense situation while numerous police and other bystandars look on;

2) Protagonist possibly framed for a crime he didn't commit, and trying to convince the authorities he didn't commit it while being unable to abandon his current circumstances because they are the only thing that prevent him from being detained;

3) Potentially lowbrow melodramatic thriller made by an undistinguished director (Joel Schumacher vs. Asger Leth);

4) Protagonist is a handsome leading man from a country where they speak English with an accent. (Okay, joking about that one.)

Really, I'm just trying to be funny. I know Man on a Ledge might be good, but I'm over worrying about whether I give every single movie a 100% far shake. Sometimes I just want to make a joke.

Mike Lippert said...

I more just wanted to say I'd read the script than anything ;)

Vancetastic said...

Ah, yes. Classic overreaction. Perhaps I would have understood your comment better with some slight wording changes: "I read the script for this movie. It's actually nothing like Phone Booth. However, I found it much worse than Phone Booth, and since you didn't like Phone Booth, you really won't like this." ;-)