Thursday, March 7, 2013


When I was driving home from work yesterday, I saw a billboard for The Baytown Outlaws, a movie I had not heard of previously. Looks like it had a limited release in either December or January. More likely, it didn't have much of a release at all.

The billboard basically consisted of the upper half of the poster you see here, without the lower half's many guns, rednecks and motorcycles.

Below Billy Bob and Eva and the movie's name was the following request:



Really? Rent it? That's the best you can do?

Someone at the firm who publicized this film should be fired. You don't tout a rental as the ideal way to consume a product -- you tell people to own it. OWN IT TODAY ON DVD. Or better yet, OWN IT TODAY ON BLU-RAY. If you're going to mention only one physical format, you go with the one that's most current. Duh.

It's pretty much understood that if you can own something, you can also rent it. If not on Netflix for another 28 days, then on one of the many outlets that rent to you on the first day the DVD (or Blu-Ray) goes on sale. They didn't need to phrase it this way just to appease the "Wait, but what if I only want to rent it?" crowd.

It comes off as a tacit acknowledgment that the movie is just not very good.

The question I really have is: Can you promise me that Eva Longoria's boobs look that good when they aren't being rendered by an artist?

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