Friday, January 24, 2014

Australian Audient: The Series

I just realized -- I almost forgot to tell you about my new blog series for 2014!

I'm in Australia now, so might as well soak in the Aussie culture, right? More importantly, might as well see the Aussie cinema I haven't seen, so that if I do one day get work writing about films in Australia, I will be that much of a better candidate for the job.

So I'm going to watch one movie made in Australia, by Australians, or about Australians per month, and write about it here. The series will be called Australian Audient.

Unfortunately, there are consequences to having been together with an Australian for nine years. I've actually seen many if not most of the prominent Australian films.

However, most is not all, and this could be a good opportunity to find some deep cuts ... one of which I've already got lined up for next month.

But first, January -- the week of it that remains.

I'll be watching Phar Lap, about some kind of heroic Australian horse. It wasn't my first choice, but the video store didn't have my first choice, so that's that. How's that for selling the first installment of the series??

I hope you'll join along, as much as your interest and the availability of the videos to you dictates. Look for my write-up sometime next week.

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