Sunday, May 18, 2014


I make it a habit of using post titles only once on The Audient. I've kept track of all my titles since I've started on a Microsoft Word document, and if I think I might be using the same one again, I check to be sure that I don't. I suppose this is so that when my work is being discussed by future generations long after I'm dead, they will be able to refer to my posts by title only without creating any ambiguity.

I tell you this because it means I am using my one and only "This." on this incredible new poster released for Guradians of the Galaxy:

Yep, I'm going large, just so you can take in every magnificent detail. However, it's probably still best to click on it and open it in a separate window.

Have you ever seen anything quite so gorgeous? If I were a Scottish guy and this poster picked me up in a truck, I'd say to it "Aye, you're gorgeous." (I still have not seen that film, but have heard the line several times now.)

When someone else posted it in a Facebook film group to which I belong, I commented that I couldn't stop looking at it. And I can't. It makes me want to see this movie -- of which I was once quite skeptical -- even more. The first (and only, so far) trailer I saw for it started me on the path to being excited about it, and this just ratchets things up one more level.

Anyway, now that I have it here on my blog, I can stare it as much as I want.

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