Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A hiatus of unknown duration

Don't be alarmed. That unknown duration will probably be about two weeks at the longest.

But yes indeed, it's beginning now and it could last a while. Or, it could be over in a day or two, and then me having even written this post will seem alarmist.

What the hell are you TALKING about, Derek?

I'm talking about a trip to 'Merica, to make benefit glorious nation of myself and my family. Beginning tomorrow morning, and then continuing on the same morning in Los Angeles some 14 hours later.

That's right, I am returning to my old stomping grounds for just over two weeks. I'll be hitting two coasts (east and west, in case you are counting at home) as well as one mile-high city in the mountains (Denver).

Will there be time to update my blog amidst hours of family, friends, weird sleep patterns and trips to Disneyland?

There could be -- but there probably shouldn't be. There are better things I should be spending my time on.

But on the off chance you don't hear from me again until the beginning of December, well, now you know why.

So enjoy your own much-deserved break from my blog (zing!) and I'll be back bursting with stories of which movies I managed to watch on the plane while my children were crying and not sleeping.

Until then!

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