Sunday, January 17, 2016

2015 in portmanteaus

Beasts of Sils Maria - An African militia disappears among the fog in the Swiss Mountains.

Beasts of Rogue Nation - Ethan Hunt goes deep under cover with an African militia ... moments before it disappears among the fog in the Swiss Mountains.

The Overnight Before - Three friends end their 15-year tradition of partying on Christmas Eve with a night of awkward, experimental sex.

The Revenant-Man - After surviving a bear attack, a man shrinks to the size of an ant to fight the bear's ticks.

Maps to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens - An unbalanced young woman comes to Hollywood to meet celebrities, but finds the map to Luke Skywalker instead.

Heaven Knows What We Do in the Shadows - A bunch of vampires in New Zealand become junkies.

Specterminator Genisys - After traveling through time, James Bond discovers that Skynet is his adopted brother.

Far From the Mad Max: Fury Road - Max Rockatansky tromps through Victorian England looking for guzzoline.

The End of the Entourage - A writer reflects on an old publicity junket in the wake of Johnny Drama's suicide.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Transylvania 2 - A bunch of old Brits board the wrong tour bus and end up bunking with Count Dracula.

99 Holmes - England's best detective finds himself out of house and Holmes when he moves to America and defaults on his mortgage.

Accidental Love & Mercy - Beach Boy frontman Brian Wilson becomes a paranoid recluse after accidentally getting shot in the head with a nail gun.

The Kingsman from U.N.C.L.E. - It's pretty much the same movie.

The Walk in the Woods - A French mime agrees to traverse the Appalachian Mountains, as long as he can do it by tightrope.

A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Ex Machina - Self-explanatory.

Me and Earl and the Danish Girl - Two friends make a home movie when they learn that the world's first person to get gender reassignment surgery is dying of cancer.

Me and Earl and Jurassic World - Two friends make a home movie when they learn that Indominus Rex is dying of cancer.

Pan Andreas - A sprightly youngster from England and his mates become "lost boys" when they fall into a crack in the fault lines.

The Stanford Prison Ex Machina - A group of test subjects decides who will play prison guards and who will play their angry artificial intelligence captives.

Jurassicario - A shadowy organization trains a bunch of raptors to smuggle drugs across the U.S.-Mexico boarder.

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