Thursday, March 24, 2016

My week without a blog post

This is still a movie blog and I still watch movies. I swear.

It's just been a very busy week as any number of things are going on, not least of which is my sister, my father and my father's wife visiting from the U.S. The latter two had been visiting since the beginning of March, but when my sister joined the group last Thursday -- the day of my last blog post -- things got even busier. In a good way, I assure you.

Then there's the impending start of the baseball season and all that that entails for a person like me, which includes participating in two types of fantasy league, both of which feature me in the role of commissioner. That's been the case for the past decade with one of them, but is a new development this year in the other.

But some cinematically significant events have been occurring. And by that I don't mean finally watching the disappointing My Week With Marilyn.

One of those was attending the ReelGood Film Festival on Saturday here in Melbourne. ReelGood is the site I write for, and each year in March, it holds a festival of short films in a hip warehouse-studio location in Collingwood complete with beer, a burger truck, and two screening rooms filled with beanbag chairs. I went last year not knowing anybody, as I had not even yet met my editor at ReelGood in person. I went this year with my wife and sister in tow, and was greeted fondly by no less than ten people I knew. A reminder of what a good last year it's been in terms of forging cinematic bonds in the local community. Yeah, I felt just a teensy bit like a rock star. And since I also served as a judge on the competition, I helped determine the films that would walk away with the night's top prizes, further increasing my sense of self importance.

Actually, that's the only thing. But I guess that's enough in a busy week.

It'll be a couple more days before any type of real post transpires here, as my family (all seven of us) is going away for the four-day Easter weekend to the Great Ocean Road, a beautiful stretch along the southern coast of Victoria. More movies figure not to be watched there.

Back next week with ... something.


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Wendell Ottley said...

You had me at beer and a burger truck. Good stuff. Sounds like real fun. Always good to spend time with family. Glad you're enjoying it. And I like My Week with Marilyn. So there.

Derek Armstrong said...

Ha! Alas, the burger truck was not visited by us (though I did have a beer). I'm trying to clamp down on my generous assessments of movies that I think are just "fine," and MWWM qualifies in that group. It was just kind of forgettable, which is a shame, because Marilyn herself was decidedly UN-forgettable.

pitbull said...

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