Saturday, May 14, 2016

Selective animal harming

I stayed until the end of the credits of Green Room Thursday night, long enough to see this message:

"The American Humane Society monitored the treatment of animals in some scenes. No animals were harmed during those scenes."

I then expected a follow-up message:

"But in the scenes where the Human Society was not present, a horse was strangled, a frog was stepped on, a llama was kicked in the balls and a daddy long legs was electrocuted."

I imagine the precise parsing of the legalese is important in the credits of a film. I think what the above message is really saying is "Since the American Humane Society was present for only some of the filming, they can only certify that animals were not harmed during the scenes for which they were present." But it's certainly easy (and funny) to imagine the inverse.

It's hard to believe that no human beings were harmed during the making of Green Room. It's a pretty intense movie.

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