Friday, March 17, 2017

Get out, Get Out!

Every year around this time, Australia makes me wait an interminable amount of time for the release of a movie that's being buzzed about in the U.S.

I griped about it here three years ago, my first beginning-of-the-release-year in Australia, when The Lego Movie was held back until the first term school holidays, which did not start that year until the beginning of April. (It's Easter dependent). It had already been out for two months in the U.S. by that point.

It's a bit of deja vu in 2017, as there's a new Lego Movie with a similar early-year U.S. release date being delayed for similar reasons, though I'm not so worked up about that (despite hearing that it's really good). Rather, it's another movie, one that would have utterly no incentive for waiting for the kiddies to be out of school, that's bothering me in 2017.

Namely, the whole world has seen Jordan Peele's Get Out but me.

People are talking about it online. People are recommending it in Facebook groups in which I participate. People are sending me direct messages about it. People want to know if I've seen it and what I think.

And so when I tell Get Out to get out, I mean get released already, dammit.

You see that February release date taunting me in that poster above? Uh uh. The Australian release date was not in February. It's not in March. It won't be in April either.

May. May is when this movie is coming out where I live.

May 4th, to be exact.

May the fourth be with it.

Instead of already knowing what it's all about, as most of the world does, I had to cover my eyes and ears last night during the trailer before A Cure for Wellness. I don't want this movie's surprises ruined for me. I know the basic premise and can make likely extrapolations from there, but I feel like specifics will be encroaching soon if I don't carefully guard myself against them.

And Get Out is coming at me full force on the podcast front. I have three podcasts that regularly discuss modern movies -- Filmspotting, The Slate Gulture Gabfest and The Next Picture Show -- and each of them has discussed it recently. In one case I skipped through the discussion, and in the other two, I have yet to get to them.

Ho hum.

So all I can really do now is wait, and make this joke:

"Have you seen Jordan Peele's new movie yet? It's called Get Out: The Elaine Benes Story."

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