Friday, April 21, 2017

The one movie I hadn't seen, part 2

Finding it difficult to find a movie I haven't seen has been the theme of the last week. As first discussed in this post, and now set to be discussed again just below.

On my podcast -- which is now available on iTunes, so subscribe, rate and review! -- we recently decided to start a rotating informal series in which one of the hosts will pick a movie he loves that the other two haven't seen, to watch and then discuss on the next episode. We'll go to this well whenever we're not all that enthused about the new releases hitting theaters during a particular fortnight. (As I live in Australia, I am obliged to refer to a two-week period as a "fortnight." That's also about how often we record our episodes.)

It was my idea, and naturally I felt prepared to go first. As I am more than ten years older than my co-hosts and have also dedicated myself to watching movies more single-mindedly than they have, I knew I could easily find candidates from my list of favorites that were new to them. But since I'm not the founder of this website or the "host" of this podcast -- that honor goes to my friend John -- I suggested he make the first selection. (So magnanimous, aren't I?)

John agreed, but he did state a reservation: He figured it would be difficult to find a movie he loves that both Blake, our other co-host, but especially I had not seen. As I said, I've got the years on them, and 4,791 films that would immediately be removed from contention the second the series started.

Fortunately, he hit on a film outside of those 4,791 on the very first try.

John's suggestion was Barry Lyndon, a member of his personal top ten and a fortuitous choice in any number of ways. As the last really prominent Stanley Kubrick film I had yet to see, it had been on my list to watch for some time now, and I likely would have already if it weren't for the three-hour running time. But what really made it a perfect choice was that I actually had the movie at my house at the very time he suggested it. I'd borrowed it from the library just a week or two earlier, and it was easily renewable.

Did I like it as much as Nocturnal Animals, the first film I talked about a couple days ago that landed in that increasingly smaller set of movies I've never seen?

You'll have to listen to the podcast to find out.

I'll include a link here to the ReelGood website, since I don't think you can link to iTunes. But what I'd really love you to do is subscribe, rate and review, as that does good things for us and eventually will make us famous or something. It's called The ReelGood Podcast, not to be confused with ReelGood Podcast, another podcast available on iTunes that technically predates us, but has not had a new episode since February of 2016, so screw them.

As the Bartles & Jaymes guys used to say, thank you for your support.

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