Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Blogging in Bali

I’m writing to notify you that I’m going on vacation again, but NOT necessarily to expect a break in my blogging. In fact, I might even write more than usual.

That’s because for the first time since we got married, and possibly ever for me, my wife and I are taking a trip where we’re just going to sit on our asses and enjoy ourselves.

Enjoying myself happens to include writing, if I feel like it.

We’re going to Bali, Indonesia -- one of the nearest foreign country playlands for Australians. As far as I can tell, they use it the way Americans use Mexico.

It’ll be my first time setting foot on Asian soil, and what do I plan to do?

Sit on my ass and enjoy myself.

That’s because we’re parents, goddammit, and parents get tired. And because it’s our tenth wedding anniversary.

Oh, did I mention that the kids aren’t coming with us?

My lovely mother-in-law and sister-in-law are staying with our two boys for the seven days we’ll be gone. I’ll actually be gone nine days, as I’m staying two extra nights to visit with a friend of mine who lives in Jakarta. I was actually going to go to Jakarta, but he told me Jakarta is not great for visits. So he’s visiting me in Bali, and we will do a little more exploring, and a little less sitting on our asses, for those two days.

My wife and I have had our relaxing holidays before, before we had kids, but even our honeymoon had some harrowing, exhausting adventures, the kind we don't plan to undertake this time. So this will probably be our relaxingest joint vacation ever, and as I said, for me, maybe my relaxingest ever, overall. 

In the place where we’re staying, we have our own private pool, among other amenities that will make it easy for us never to leave the place. We’ll leave, but maybe not that much. I don’t know a single word of Indonesian (that’s what the plane ride is for) so I’m not planning to do all that much leaving. Then again, the Bali locals cater to Australians for all of their tourism needs, so I imagine most of them will speak English anyway.

The resort where we’re staying also figures to have WiFi, so I may spend plenty of time online. And that means blogging, among other things. Probably.

But if I do allow myself to disconnect and just read three books (my other big ambition), then maybe you won’t get another post from me for a week to ten days. And if so, you’ll know why.

But there’s a good chance I’ll have plenty of new material, as I’m bringing like 25 movies with me (a combo of digital and physical), to say nothing of any options that may exist there. And speaking of options that exist there, I’d love to see a movie in the theater while I’m there, just for the novelty of it. There seem to be at least three options for that, and you better bet if it happens, I’m going to tell you about it.

So stay tuned. The next post from me may be on Indonesian time.

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