Friday, January 16, 2009

Matching up the songs

Make way for my second straight post inspired by a film's closing credits ...

As I was watching American Teen last night, I heard a song I liked over the closing credits -- a song I liked well enough to investigate an itunes purchase. (You know, I'd only investigate. Don't want that 99 cents to go to waste in this economy.)

But when it came time to credit the songs they'd used in the film, I couldn't for the life of me match it up. Often times the songs will be listed in the order they appeared in the film, so if you want to know what's playing right now, you just need to wait until the last song listed. Except that doesn't always work either. What if the credits had two songs? Or more?

You might have a little luck if you think you're hearing a certain band, and the credits can either confirm or deny it. But what if you've never heard the band before?

American Teen was particularly difficult, as there were clips of varying lengths of at least 78 different songs in that movie. (I didn't count.)

Here's what I'd like to see: a DVD released with a special feature that allows you to watch the movie in the format perfected by the seminal 1990s VH1 creation, Pop Up Video. If you selected this feature from the features menu, a little graphic would come up on the screen anytime a song was playing, telling you what it is and who's responsible. Instead of the director's commentary, it would be the musician's commentary. Of sorts.

Yeah it would get a little annoying sometimes. "Duh, I know this is 'The Happy Birthday Song' by Unknown." But like any marginally useful feature, it would have its time and place.

If you know what that song was that was playing at the beginning of the credits of American Teen, let me know. It's probably something I will be embarrassed I thought I liked, on second hearing. But why don't you let me be the judge of that.


Don Handsome said...

Reading your post, I had it in my head that the credits song was the MGMT song (Kids). The order the songs are presented on the sound track seems to confirm this (Kids is last). However, I also thought it could have been the Ting Tings song. The order of the soundtrack doesn't confirm this (Tings Tings are second). Is this because the Ting Tings are now and MGMT is five minutes ago? Or does the sound track mirror the order in the movie and perhaps the Ting Tings is played twice (or perhaps I'm just all screwed up and can't keep these bands straight). Maybe you should search for these tunes on You Tube and let me know if either is right.
Incidentally, the third band I listed in my head after reading your post was I'm From Barcelona who are on the commercial/preview but not on the official sound track. I hate it when this happens…are they going to have to start issuing "Music From the Commercials For Blank" as well?

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Usually, the songs listed in the end credits are pretty close to the order they appear in the movie. I bet with some easy sleuthing, and iTunes samples, you could find it.

Or just Google "opening song in American Teen" and see what pops up.

Vancetastic said...

It was MGMT. I did the itunes check. (For the record, I knew to do that, as well as google the song placement -- sometimes I play dumb for the purposes of my rhetorical agenda).

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Ahh. I will never doubt you again.

Until the next time that I do.