Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not her Destiny

When people come up with stage names, it's usually for something more memorable, not less. When Gordon Sumner didn't think people would remember him with that name, he came up with the moniker Sting. After all, how many famous people do you know named Gordon?

But it doesn't always work that way. As I was sitting waiting for The Girlfriend Experience to begin on Sunday, I was watching those single-panel trivia slides playing on the screen at the theater. And discovered that Miley Cyrus was born as Destiny Cyrus. (Actually, Destiny Hope Cyrus). After all, she had a famous dad (Billy Ray) who was trying to steer her toward fame even as a zygote.

So why didn't she keep Destiny? Did she think it made her sound like a stripper?

Well, I've since learned that Miley was a nickname for her, because she was "smiley" as a baby/young child. And you do have the rhyming "i" sounds in "Miley" and "Cyrus" to stick in people's memories.

But I just thought it was interesting to go from a grandiose/stagey given name to the fairly ordinary Miley.

Then again, I guess it supports pretty well the idea that Hannah Montana's alter ego would be a little more down-to-earth.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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