Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saying the title like the star would

I don't know how much I really liked Gentlemen Broncos. I can tell you for sure that it was more than my wife liked it. She had little patience for the film's randomness for the sake of randomness, which is now the official calling card of Jared and Jerusha Hess. Me, I spat out laughter at the absurdity of it all enough times to say that I give it a thumbs up.

But I think part of the reason I like it a little more than I probably would otherwise is that I really love saying "Gentlemen Broncos" in a Jemaine Clement accent.

It's not just any Jemaine Clement accent. It's what my co-worker described as the "James Mason-style British accent" he uses in the movie.

Say it with me, you'll see how fun it is: "Gentlemen Broncos. Gentlemen Broncos." You want to ham it up a little when you're saying it. And the "G" sounds more like a "Zh." "Zhentlemen Broncos."

(By the way, if anyone can tell me what the title means, I'd love to hear it. The science fiction story being discussed in the film has a character named Bronco, but I don't know what the "Gentlemen" part has to do with anything.)

This is not the first film title I've enjoyed saying in the star's accent. I'm sure there have been others, but the one I'm thinking about now is The Invention of Lying, as said in Ricky Gervais' unique sing-songy speaking voice. The way I say it in Gervais-speak, it's kind of like "The Invention of Lawwww-ying." And the "lawwww" part is the highest on the musical scale, before going back downward with the "ying."

I don't know, this is all I got for a Saturday.

Unfortunately, continuing to say "Gentlemen Broncos" all day today, when my wife didn't really like the movie in the first place, hasn't worked out very well for me.


Daddy Geek Boy said...

I could not get through 20 minutes of this movie. Hated it.

And I was on a plane.

Vancetastic said...


I can certainly appreciate that perspective on the film. Jemaine Clement's line readings were enough to sustain me through the questionable parts you saw and plenty of questionable parts later on. Was it when that one guy started making weird noises in that girl's ear that you turned it off?