Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tuesday features are on baby break!

Programming note!

Even in the face of life events like having a newborn, I still consider my commitment to you sacred. So I thought I'd formally let you know that I'm taking a break from my Tuesday features for awhile, to welcome my son into the world, and all the lack of free time that implies.

Back in April, I began doing Second Chances, a feature where I reexamined movies that I hadn't liked as well as most people. That ran for 10 weeks. In June, I took a summer break from that in order to do Double Jeopardy, which was just the opposite -- I wanted to see if I'd liked certain movies too much. That also ran for 10 weeks, and then last Wednesday, my son was born. Perfect timing in terms of symmetry with the first series.

At one point I talked about returning Second Chances in the fall, but I think I'm going to give it a break until 2011. I'll have enough to keep up with, without having to figure out what movie I'm going to re-watch each week, and how to budget my available rentals in order to get those movies to me. Besides, all we can reliably pay attention to right now seems to be undemanding comedies.

I'll continue to write my Decades series, in which I watch three movies from a particular decade (1920s-1970s) each month. Expect the next in that series tomorrow.

Thank you. You may now return to your regularly scheduled program.


FilmFather said...

Congrats on the baby boy! Even though I've got two boys of my own, I didn't start blogging until the younger one was two. Best of luck to you on raising a newborn and finding time for your reviews.

Vancetastic said...

Thanks FF! I will probably not experience a major disruption in my blogging schedule, since I sometimes write them on breaks at work. But yeah, life will be different!