Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas BluRay haul

I've done nothing but weigh you down with words over the last couple entries, so I thought I'd give you a break with a different approach today. Who has the time during the holidays to read all these words, many of them self-indulgent?

So instead of discussing at length how literally my family took me when I told them I wanted movies for Christmas (and that I didn't get the one movie I definitely expected to get), today I will post in pictures only. Here are the BluRays I got for Christmas, posted in the order I opened them. Discuss.


The Movie Snob said...

Well done on the haul! Especially The Proposition. I have this in standard DVD, need to get the upgrade.

Mike Lippert said...

Good movies. I'm going to do my Christmas haul and it shall be epic. I agree on the Proposition. I've read Nick Cave and John Hillcoat's next project and it will be good as well, although maybe not as good as this one. I still haven't upgraded to blu-ray and I'm probably not going to until DVD's fade out completely.

Don Handsome said...

Nice bunch of films there...but no Time Bandits, huh? I was hoping you'd get that one as I remember watching it on a tape Momma Vance made off the Movie Channel. Not to worry, as this haul will keep you busy until next Christmas when you can re-up for the Time Bandits Criterion Blu-Ray.

Tonight I'm diving in to my Christmas Haul...Old Boy on Blu Ray. Ho Ho Ho.

Vancetastic said...

TMS and Mike,

I can't take credit for The Proposition. I've seen it and I like it very much, but I don't think I would have considered owning it of my own volition. I think my wife got it for me primarily because Nick Cave is her favorite artist, and anything I own, she does. (If you're reading this, honey, I'm just joking.) Plus, she's Australian, so the content is of special interest to her/us. I'd definitely like to see it again, and now I'll have the chance.


I'm itching for my second Oldboy viewing, and the wife hasn't seen it, so it's been in our Netflix instant queue. However, last week we discovered something horrifying about the version available for streaming -- it's dubbed! That's right, our babysitter wanted to watch it while we were out for dinner, and got through most of it before we returned -- but he reported that it wasn't in Korean with English subtitles, but dubbed English. Needless to say, we immediately canceled our Netflix subscription.

This was especially odd because we watched Mother on there a few weeks beforehand, and it was the correct version.

Don Handsome said...

yeah the dubbed Oldboy on Netflix Streaming was disheartening and it was what led me to ask Santa for Oldboy on blu-ray. he came through with the entire Vengeance trilogy (including Oldboy) in one box on Bluray, subtitled. Now to find the time to watch the trilogy after Kid Handsome's repeated viewings of Toy Story 1,2, and 3...