Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Programming note

Tonight's regularly scheduled installment of Lady's Choice Movie Night has been preempted so I can go see Titanic.

Actually, the series has been pushed to Wednesday altogether, and it's not just because of Titanic. It's because Rave Motion Pictures at the Howard Hughes Center, a nice and luxurious theater, has introduced $7 movies all day on Tuesdays. At those prices, it simply doesn't make sense to have a recurring conflict on Tuesday nights. At those prices, either my wife or I should be going to a movie every week.

I went for the first time last Tuesday, when I caught The Hunger Games and then snuck into Casa de Mi Padre. So it actually ended up being only $3.50 per movie.

No way I'm sneaking in to another movie after Titanic, even though the 6:30 screening time means that I could. The damn thing is 195 minutes long. Which kind of scares the hell out of me. The good thing is, I've already seen it, so if I need to go to the bathroom, I'll just go.

And actually, Titanic will be more than $7, because the price of 3D still has to be tacked on. But I think it's only $2, or at the most $3, so I'll still be seeing three hours and 15 minutes worth of movie, in 3D, for ten bucks or less.

I know you don't care about this programming change. I just thought I would let you know.

And maybe, there'll be a post tomorrow about my Titanic experience. "Best 3D conversion yet," I've heard.

We'll see.

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