Wednesday, November 7, 2012

These actors will be sad tomorrow (I hope)

If I were 10% less tired or 10% more willing to churn out something unoriginal, I would come up with some kind of movie-related list to honor Election Day. I mean, I've got to recognize the day somehow. Even with about four posts backed up, I don't feel like I can just write any ordinary old post on this first Tuesday in November.

But you've already seen other people tell you the best (or worst) movies about presidents, the best (or worst) movies about elections, and any other feature you can imagine as a variation on these themes: who would play Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the movie, which candidate has a better favorite movie of all time, whether there are more good movies with red in the title or with blue, etc.

So instead, I just decided to give you a bunch of faces of Hollywood Republicans looking sad.

Yep, that was juvenile. But politics makes us all into infants throwing tantrums.

Go vote, everyone -- and while you're at it, vote for Obama, won't you?

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