Friday, June 27, 2014

Some nice Star Wars poster art for your Friday/Thursday

I don't usually like to use this space just to show you things. I know the mantra of movies is "show don't tell," but I'm a writer, so I like to tell.

But in the tradition of this post -- and, I suppose, this post -- I thought I might just take this Friday (or Thursday if you are longitudinally challenged) to sit back and show you some lovely Star Wars fan-made posters. Besides, it's end of fiscal year, and I expect to get slammed at work. (But, there will also be free pizza.)

Here they are:

I suppose that linking to where I found them would be proper blogger etiquette, but I want the full glory of these posters to class up my site.

I will give the artist credit, though. It's a guy named Andy Fairhurst, and he's pretty amazing.

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