Saturday, June 7, 2014

Whose Fault?

I was thrice subjected to the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars while watching Hell's Kitchen on Hulu the other night. I say "subjected" because to be honest, it seems a bit cloying to me. I guess that's inevitable in a movie about a teenage girl who has a terminal illness. (At least, I assume it's terminal, probably cancer.)

What I can't figure out is whose Fault it is.

Is this a Nicholas Sparks-type movie about young love that is almost always set against the backdrop of somebody dying, or in danger of dying? I'm thinking something like A Walk to Remember.

Or is it a more indie-focused approach to the topic of a young person stricken before his/her time? Something like 50/50?

Regardless of which type movie it is, I'm not likely to be very receptive to it, since I found both A Walk to Remember and 50/50 to be major disappointments.

I suppose it looks advertised a bit more like a Sparks movie, but the title is what gives me pause -- it's a bit hifalutin for a teenybopper movie. I suppose I also think of Shailene Woodley as someone with higher standards than Nicholas Sparks-type movies, though she was just in a very teen-oriented movie this year (Divergent).

And then because of Woodley's presence I am also thinking of The Spectacular Now ... which I also found disappointing. Did I mention I also don't really like The Descendants? Maybe Woodley just doesn't really work for me, even though I consider her an objectively talented actress. (Of course, if I consider her a good actress, that's a subjective position, not an objective one ... though I suppose what I really mean is that I feel like her talent is not debatable, making it objective.)

Jesus, where was I?

So yeah, I'm not going to be rushing out on this one. That's just as well considering the list of other movies I have to catch up with as a result of using my last theater trip on a movie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) that had already been out for two months. Shall we?

X-Men: Days of Future Past
Edge of Tomorrow
Under the Skin
The Double

Yeah, my head is starting to ache.

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