Thursday, April 9, 2015

America is furious. Australia is also fast.

For some strange reason, Australia has decided not to go with the American title Furious 7 for the latest installment in the improbably long-lived drag racing/heist series. The movie is called the far more conventional Fast & Furious 7 here.


I don't know.

Mostly, I just wanted an excuse to publish this poster, which I love.

However, I do think it's time for me to finally catch up with this series. I am still stuck on trying to get my hands on The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Although "trying" is a strong word for it.

Still, I think it's time to put more effort in, and see if I can finally pull up alongside (so to speak) these movies that just keep going and going and going. And somehow seem to keep on getting better.

It won't be in time to see this newest in the theater, but maybe I can watch it on video in time to rank it with my other 2015 movies. That gives me a good nine months.

On my mark, get set, go.

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