Saturday, January 13, 2018

All the money, but none for Michelle

I wasn't going to write a blog post today -- I'm home, involved in the cram session I told you about earlier in the week while my family is out of town. 

But a case of bad timing has left a post praising the reshoot process of All the Money in the World at the top of my blog, and I just cannot let that stand.

In researching that post, I did indeed learn that both Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg had been paid for doing reshoots -- and left it as simple as that, even though I had found out the difference in the amounts they were paid from Wikipedia.

I suppose I should have been shocked by it, but at the time I used it only as confirmation that they had indeed done reshoots, not that Christopher Plummer was just digitally inserted into existing scenes. I guess I thought that this was something they had agreed on, and if they're fine with it, then that's fine.

Now I learn that Wahlberg refused to do the reshoots unless he was paid handsomely -- $150,000 per day for the ten day shoot. 

And that the amount Wahlberg was being paid was not disclosed to Williams, who took a nominal -- like, incredibly nominal -- fee just to be a team player and get the work done.

So while Wahlberg collected $1.5 million for his ten days of work, Williams raked in ... $800.


I don't know what Wahlberg will do next, if anything, to make this right. But it certainly looks pretty damn awful in a year in which we are collectively struggling to make things right for women in Hollywood. 

One can only hope that the outrage that is now coming out about this will be fueled into Williams' Oscar campaign. I don't know if she'll get nominated, let alone win -- Frances McDormand will have something to say about that for sure. But Williams is a damn fine actress and she deserves an Oscar at some point. Why not now, when she demonstrated an act of remarkable selflessness for the greater good of getting her movie released? And still gave an excellent performance?

I guess you can't totally blame Wahlberg for looking out for #1. If he feels his time is worth x amount of money, he should fight to get that money.

But it still looks pretty damn bad that he didn't tell Williams she should do the same, and even, that he probably intentionally misled her on his own fee.

Developing story. 

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