Wednesday, May 13, 2009

10 days of insomnia + acid reflux + swine flu ...

+ my sister visiting for a week + a huge project at work + the NBA playoffs + baseball season = exactly two movies seen and two blog postings during the month of May.

I'm upping the number of one of those right now. The other will change tonight when I go straight from work to see Star Trek in IMAX -- which is probably the last thing I should be doing considering that I haven't had a decent night's sleep since the calendar turned. But I gotta squeeze it in now, because on Thursday morning, my wife's sister arrives for almost a week. It's a sisterrific month of May in our household, to be sure, as mine just left this morning. We might have actually gone to Star Trek while she was here, but I wasn't able to gauge how interested she was, which turned out to be more interested than I thought.

Busy times, busy times.

A couple clarifications.

I don't actually have swine flu -- at least, not that I'm aware of -- but for awhile last week I was pretty paranoid about the poor timing of my sore throat, which eventually turned into the more traditional common cold symptoms that I have now. Still haven't actually developed a fever, so I'm not planning any medical action. Of course, that's probably the same thing all the people who dropped dead of swine flu thought, before they dropped dead of swine flu. I have found enough time in the last week to read that the swine flu pandemic no longer seems as serious as once thought, so I've stopped worrying about whether I need to make an appointment with my doctor -- which would be complicated anyway by the fact that we switched providers at work on May 1st, and I don't even have my new card yet. (If it's not one thing, it's something else, right?)

The insomnia. It sucks. Though I do have it to thank for actually getting to watch my second movie of the month, Swing Vote, which I watched during one gym session and two bouts of sleeplessness. I'd make a joke about insomnia and Swing Vote, except darn it, I actually kind of liked it. Maybe I'll say I liked it only because of the delirium.

The acid reflux. Almost nightly for the last five to six days. I'm sure it has something to do with the insomnia, though the insomnia started before I noticed having acid problems. I ate a really healthy dinner last night at a vegan restaurant, and I still had heartburn. D'oh.

The project at work. Almost everyone at my company is getting a new cell phone in the next three weeks, almost 200 of whom are porting in from another network. There are more moving parts to this project than I could have ever imagined. Yikes.

The NBA playoffs. Go Celtics!

The baseball season. Go Red Sox! Go my fantasy team!

I hope to have more actual movie-related thoughts by the weekend.

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