Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eric Christian Olsen is stalking me

I'm being stalked by Eric Christian Olsen.

How else to explain the fact that he's appeared in the last three movies I've seen?

When he appeared in License to Wed as a perceived rival for Mandy Moore's affections, I thought nothing of it, except "Oh, hey, that's that guy." His name escaped me at the moment. All I remembered was that he had three names.

When he appeared in The Hot Chick as a two-timing jock, I thought, "Hey, that's funny, Eric Christian Olsen (I had since figured out his name) appeared in the last movie I saw."

But it was when he showed up in Eagle Eye as a deadbeat dad that I asked my two other viewing companions to pause the movie. I had to share with them the funny coincidence.

Or was it? Is Eric Christian Olsen really stalking me?

It's stuff like this that I love noticing. There was no way I could have known this actor would be in all three movies. He's made only 15, and I happened to watch three of them in a row. License to Wed and The Hot Chick were things I picked up at the library, not knowing for sure, but making an educated guess that they would be currently unreviewed on my website, meaning I could claim them. When I was back at the office and discovered that, indeed, they were available, I went ahead and watched them.

Eagle Eye, on the other hand, was the end result of walking the aisles at Blockbuster last night with two friends. Our host owns a BluRay player, so we thought it would be good to rent something that might benefit from that format. (Unfortunately, I can't recommend Eagle Eye in the least.) I had no way of knowing Mr. Olsen would show up, especially since he's only in it for 30 seconds in one scene.

Now, if he shows up in The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, a 153-minute Romanian drama, which I've had from Blockbuster for two months, and which we're finally expecting to watch tonight, then I will be really surprised.

While I'm having a little fun at Mr. Olsen's expense, I did think I should mention that he is the only reason to recommend a truly terrible movie I saw a couple years ago -- but he's so good that I really would almost recommend watching it just to see him. He plays the younger version of Jim Carrey's Lloyd Christmas in Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd. And even though this is, as I said, a truly terrible movie, his impersonation of Carrey is so delightfully spot on that I think any fan of Carrey's -- or even any fan of a good impersonation -- should try to catch a couple scenes on cable just to marvel at it.

I didn't plan it this way, but a post about the last three movies I've seen seems like a perfect opportunity to introduce you to a slight change on my blog. In my "Most Recently Seen," "Most Recently Revisited" and "Most Recently Reviewed" sidebars, I've just started including the last three entries in each category. This way, if you don't check in on my blog every day (and really, who does?), then you'll get a slightly better idea of what I'm watching/rewatching/writing about. Since, you know, it's possible that this interests you, though maybe not.

"Why then, Vance, does it say you saw Eagle Eye before The Hot Chick, when in this post you just told us the opposite?"

I'm glad you asked, young padawan. (This is the first and last time I will use the word "padawan" in my blog.) It's the system I've developed for determining my viewing order. If I watch part of one movie, then the entirety of another movie, and then finish the first movie, the first movie comes in after the second movie on the list. It's not which movie I started first -- it's which movie I finished first. Since I just finished watching the last half hour of The Hot Chick, I can't rightly say I "saw it" before Eagle Eye, can I?

Hey, I've gotta have a system, and this is as good as any.

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