Friday, May 8, 2009

Posters I like: The Matador

Note: When I first started this blog, it was my intention to have some recurring features, especially useful for when I didn't have time to write at length, or the ideas dried up a bit. As you will agree, I've been pretty fertile so far. Whether or not you think the fertility has resulted in a useful blog is another matter. But there's no doubt that I have churned out a lot. Anyway, this will be the first in a recurring series called Posters I like. Yay.

We don't have that much free space on the walls of our new house, and the wall space in my own personal nook/desk area -- next to the washer and dryer, by the water heater -- already has an awesome Hieronymous Bosch-style painting depicting over a hundred common proverbs/idioms, acted out literally.

But I really want to buy this poster. In fact, I've been close a couple times. Sure is handy that the movie is also a nice little underdog treat.

I love the throwback style of those oranges and greens. Rich and wonderful.

Of course, one can't discuss the Matador poster without discussing the terrible injustice that was done to it when released on video. Quoting my own review of the movie:

"In an apparent attempt to goose rentals by seducing the James Bond fans walking the aisles at Blockbuster, the Weinstein Company changed the movie's poster art from the sublime greens and oranges of the theatrical original to the dumbed-down, iconic images of an actioner: flames, voluptuous women, and guys in sunglasses with guns."

See unfortunate Exhibit A:

Regrettably, because The Matador will continue to be available on video, but will never again be in the theater, this video box will probably be the enduring image of this clever indie hitman dramedy.

But the theatrical one-sheet will always live on in my heart.

And possibly on my wall.

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