Tuesday, April 2, 2013

a bad thing happeNed

I have sumething to tell you. on Saterday I had an acident while using the laddur in my backyard. My head hit the ground hard and i went uncocious. I woke up in the hospital where docters were taking to me.

They said I sustaned some brain damage when I fell on the ground. I can still do most thing the same but i get tired quick ly and Im taking at least 3 weeks form work.

Its kind of sad because theyre not sure if Im gonna get better. Ill have to seee if i can stay on disubility for awhile from my wokr.

Its too bad too becuz i liike writing this blog posts., I dont want to stop The Adient (what dose that mean anyway) becuz i like reading these posts

however,, I think some things are probbly have to change. .   I dont know if I still made good reckimindations for movise these days. I still like most movies tho.

So blog possts wil be a littul stange for awhile probally. I hope you like me enuff to keep reeding because I like to rite blogs ,

I hope you have a good Eastur, mine was good accept for you know, the thing that happend.

Pleasdont giveup on my Adient blog


Don Handsome said...

(very nicely done)

Thaddeus said...

Wow, that was depressing. Jerk!


Vancetastic said...

Thanks. I know I didn't "get" any of you, but I'm glad you appreciated the effort.