Monday, December 9, 2013

Typical Hollywood garbage

I put Computer Chess on my Netflix queue thinking it would be something original, but in the end, it was just another typical piece of Hollywood schlock.

I mean, I am just so damn tired of seeing black-and-white movies set in the late 1970s about computers designed to play chess that start becoming sentient.

Seriously. Do the studios really have so little respect for me and my hard-earned dollar? Do they think my disposable income is really so disposable? Do they really want to insult my intelligence so blatantly by feeding me such drivel?

Just a bunch of explosions, car chases, CGI and scantily clad women. Computer Chess showcases the worst in Hollywood today.

I mean, just look at the array of Hollywood pretty boys they got to star in this thing:

After awhile it's like "Can't you get anyone who looks like a real person?" Brad Pitt doesn't stop looking like Brad Pitt just because you put glasses on him.

But back to the topic of T & A. I mean, just check out the eye candy they've given us on the female side:

How many times have I said it? MEGAN FOX CAN'T ACT.

I mean, if Hollywood is just going to keep following the principles of WWMBD (What Would Michael Bay Do) each time it makes a new movie, I think we have no choice on what our response should be.

So, join me in boycotting Computer Chess and all films of its ilk.

You will sleep with a clearer conscience, I can tell you that.