Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sometimes I wonder who's listening

Or "reading," really. "Reading" would be more accurate. But listening indicates more of a sense of what I'm going for here ... a sense of secretly monitoring my site, and putting its ideas into practice.

Remember about six weeks ago when I wrote this post, which discussed the absurdity of the fact that my local Costco was still playing Smurfs 2 on all of its TVs?

Well I went there today -- actually yesterday and today, since I had to return something today that I bought yesterday -- and lo and behold, all traces of those little blue men (and one woman) have been wiped away.

In their place?

The Lego Movie -- one of three movies from that post that I recommended as replacements.

It's not inconceivable that someone from Costco could have actually read my post. It's happened before. There was that time I wrote a post about a superfluous button on the Redbox interface, and someone from Redbox actually left a comment on the post. He later updated me that they were working on a fix. Now granted, he only saw it because one of my readers drew their attention to it. But it was an actual interaction with a business using the medium of my blog.

Costco could have read my post, then rushed to remove The Smurfs 2 from the rotation. The post has 60 views, and one of them could have been a Costco employee.

More likely is that the staff just got tired of blue-tinted idiocy occupying a small percentage of their field of vision every time they came to work, and they chose a commonsense solution to replace it.

Still ... the timing was funny, at the very least.

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Wendell Ottley said...

Nice. We never know who is going to come across our work. Just take it as proof of your far reaching influence.