Saturday, August 2, 2014

Why I love my wife

I have a cough.

It's a pretty shitty cough, one I've had for at least two weeks now ... which is at least two weeks' less time than my kids have had it. I actually kind of feel like they've had it since May. Winter in Melbourne, I tell ya -- it can be a bitch.

So the other night as we were watching our Thursday evening TV, and I coughed, I questioned out loud "Am I going to always be coughing?"

As familiar phrasing is wont to do, this reminded me of a movie quote. So I jumped in with "ABC, Always Be Coughing. ALWAYS ... Be Coughing."

My wife laughed, and without missing a beat she said "Coffee is for coughers."

Much laughter followed.

Nailed it.


Don Handsome said...

Second prize is a set of cough drops.

Vancetastic said...


What I didn't say was that I tried to extend it by saying "To sell real estate it takes brass coughs." The laugh from my wife that time was a courtesy laugh, I think.