Thursday, July 28, 2016

Where was I for these sales?

The stores that specialize in selling/renting movies have mostly gone out of business here in Australia. When the last one near me closed, I bought a handful of movies for a couple bucks each that I discussed here. And then continued on my merry way.

A friend in my Flickcharters Facebook group is having a bit of a different experience back in the U.S.

A store called MovieStop, which was a division of GameStop and which may have existed in California (though I never noticed), is shuttering right about now.

And the sales are absolutely ridic.

In case you can't fully appreciate what you are seeing on the receipt above, that's a total expenditure of $18.43 to purchase movies, TV shows, what have you with a one-time retail value of $1862.68.

That's right, he saved $1844.25.

And probably didn't even care about half the things he bought, but that's a separate matter.

As just the examples we can see, they are selling a season of Farscape, a show I know nothing about that originally retailed at $39.88, for ten cents.

While it's exciting in one sense, it's depressing in another. Especially as I am also reading a book right now called I Lost it at the Video Store, which talks, among other things, about the demise of video store culture.

I guess the main purpose of this post, other than to wallow in a little nostalgia for times past, is as a public service announcement to you, my dear readers. If you have a MovieStop near you, "stop" there as soon as you can, while some of the last dregs of useful viewing options are still clinging to the shelves.

Wish I could be there alongside you, making my own collection unnecessarily large and undiscriminating.

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